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Anubis Talisman 3in Patch

Anubis Talisman 3in Patch


Introducing my Anubis Talisman patches! 

Dua Anubis!
Beloved guardian and guide,
To you I pray.
Grant me peace and calm as I honor you with these words.
In your many names.

The Magnificent Jackal
The Great Messenger of the Duat
The Lord of the Two Lands
He Who is in the Necropolis
The Guardian of the Duat
He Who Gives Air in the Coffin
The Lord of Abydos
The Lord of the Secret Land
The Powerful Face
The Strict Gatekeeper of the Duat
The Lord of the Knife
The Beautiful Guardian
The One Who is Secret
The Closing Prayer:
Dua Anubis!
May my words bring you honor.
Guide me, Lord of Jackals.
Bring me peace and calm.
To you I pray.

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