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For your readings, I channel your guides for messages, pull cards, and discuss with you how the cards relate to each other and your life. 

I reserve the right refuse specific types of readings. Regarding love/relationship readings, please be warned that I may say things you’re not prepared to hear.

Cancellations made 48hrs before the party date will not result in penalties. Cancellations made 24hrs or less will result in 50% fee of the total agreed price of the party reading(s). 
There are no refunds unless I am unable to fulfill my duties on this day. You are not entitled to a refund if you dislike what the cards say, listen to the cards!

Tips are welcomed. 
No call no shows result in no refunds as well and this appointment does not carry over for rescheduling. You may book a new appointment but you’ll have to pay for a new one in full. 
If you are late to the appointment, that time gets taken out of your reading. 
Please be ready when our appointment starts. 

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